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The healthcare sector has – unsurprisingly – grown significantly during 2020 as a result of COVID. Various IT solutions were already playing a key role in the development of the sector, but they will gain even more space in the upcoming years. As a result of the pandemic, the demand for IT professionals has soared as they have been essential for businesses to stay afloat.  We are proud that Arjun Global’s professionals have helped a specialist for the care home and healthcare sector, Hirestaff Limited, in developing their website and branding their design to fit the growing demand last year brought. Within our partnership we have provided our client developers from Serbia, India and London to help develop their platforms. 

“Arjun Global certainly met and exceeded our expectations; the website developer was efficient, always remained calm and understood our needs. The designer too, did a fantastic job! Very creative and understood the hirestaff vision. I would have no hesitation to recommend them.” – Reena Sidar, Founder & CEO Hirestaff Ltd.


“It was a great pleasure developing the Hirestaff platform along with Reena and the team. We look forward to helping them grow from strength to strength.” Larice Gabba, IT Project Manager.


Many companies had digital transformation programs in place, but had to set new priorities based on the new needs of employees and customers. Many have found that they have something to improve in their digital look, processes, websites or communication tools. Innovation and continuous improvement are just two of the important elements that connect the healthcare and IT industries – as both strive to improve process efficiency and improve patients’ quality of life. In addition to the usual elements such as professional challenges or an opportunity for development, perhaps the most valuable part of working in the healthcare sector is that employees work for people’s health every day.

Hirestaff will help improve recruitment in the healthcare sector which has been severely impacted by Covid and Brexit. Check out their platform here: https://hirestaff.com/


If you are looking to hire quality talent for your next project please reach out to hirenow@arjunglobal.com

Hirestaff Ltd
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