Here to help you succeed

In an ever flattening world, we bring growth opportunities to startups and industry leaders that wish to scale. We offer expert, bespoke consultancy services and talent acquisition solutions.

Our mission

We exist to help grow organisations that we believe in. We have a diverse range of clients within the Arjun Global family, and our mission is to see them succeed while contributing to a sustainable global economy with a promising future for all.

Our values

Love & Compassion

Everything we do as a business comes from a place of love and compassion towards all.

Trust & Integrity

We will always be truthful and honest with our clients and offer a partnership grounded in integrity.

Balance & Harmony

We believe business and commerce should operate harmoniously with the world and humanity.

Our journey

Our company started by providing leading talent, based in India, to global clients. Our success in the talent space led us to become a trusted, specialist consultancy, helping businesses across the world scale and reach new heights through brand strategy, technology, and talent management solutions. Today, we are experts in helping companies scale up their business operations and brand identity, and we pair this with our deep experience of hiring talent for Finance, Tech, Communications and many other professional industries.

Our name, Arjun, derives from Arjuna — the ancient Indian prince who was considered the greatest and most talented warrior. In this spirit, our network of talented and unique individuals are the Arjuns of today. They can thrive in any environment globally, and bring their skills and expertise to help your business flourish.

Our team

Meet your new business family 🙂

Hanuman Dass

Managing Director

Hanuman (Hemal Randerwala) leads all staff and oversees all business interactions. He ensures all staff are motivated daily and provides the company with motivation and momentum.

Sheena Randerwala

operations Director

Sheena oversees all financial operations of Arjun Global, including staff payroll, annual accounts and all financial reporting. She is also an established fine artist.

Michelle Lumiére

Marketing Director

Michelle leads the marketing and brand strategy at Arjun Global as well as working closely with our global clients on their growth hacking aspirations and plans.

Nikolay Stanchev

Business Development Manager

Nikolay works to find potential clients and new leads, while simultaneously aiding account management with ongoing clients, and headhunting top senior level talent in IT.

Nishant Ojha

Senior Technical Recruiter

Nishant is an expert at sourcing the right talent for from our vast network of technical specialists and positioning them into our clients’ businesses for optimum results. 

Dharam Dass

Asia director

Dharam leads Arjun Global’s Asian operations, helping us grow client businesses across India and beyond, and overseeing our vast network of Asian talent.

Our dharma

Arjun Global is committed to a better world. In 2011, our Founder, Hanuman Dass, started the charity Go Dharmic to promote universal compassionate action and relieve suffering around the world. The organisation and its volunteers serve in disasters, advocate for peace, develop schools, and alleviate food poverty for communities in crisis. At Arjun Global, all of our team are committed to supporting Go Dharmic’s humanitarian and environmental projects, and we are always open to new ways for businesses to get involved.

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