Job interviews- hearing back

“How Long Does It Take to Hear Back From a Job Interview”
Hearing back from a job interview can be daunting, as one may have no indication of
timelines of when feedback can take place. We take the guess work out of this often
asked question and put a simple framework on it. Feel free to use this as a guide, as
we break down perceptions for what to expect from all hires from permanent to
freelance and contract.
There are different kinds of hires like permanent, freelance and contract basis. The number of
days to hear back from a job interview depends on it’s kind:
Contract job 3-5 days
Permanent hire 7-10 days (approximately)
These are again subject to industry type and urgency of hiring (immediate/1 month/2
We have noticed that for the majority- it's the urgency of hiring the profile that decides the
response on candidature. On an average, we can consider around 5-7 working days.
In countries like the UK and Europe, this can go to 10-15 working days as currently we have
noticed some delays in the remote working environment where people are not able to conduct
face to face interviews.
In a normal scenario, 5-10 working days is an ideal time to respond to a job interview. Within
this period, the organisation has a good amount of time to conduct the background checks
and do a detailed analysis on the candidate’s previous work experience and decide if it’s
suitable for the current profile.

Manisha Agarwal- Head of Development, Arjun Global
Manisha Agarwal is Head of Development of Arjun Global- a recruitment agency, who
champions in creating an executive recruitment network-which provides global professionals
to leading companies and start-ups around the world. It identifies highly qualified freelancers
from sectors, such as finance, tech, or design, and gets them hired for ‘guaranteed success’
on projects on demand.  Speeding up processes to meet deliverables and responding to ever
changing markets its objective is to find and place the right talent to any business here and

Job interviews- hearing back
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