Minding CV Gaps

Learn and know attitudes of potential employers 

who see career breaks/gaps on a CV and what to do about them

Gaps on CV could hurt your chances for that break to get a job you want or need now. That’s why learning, being aware, and understanding the attitudes of potential employers, who see career breaks or gaps on a CV is important. In this blog post we explore this issue with one of our recruitment specialists Amol Makol. 

What is the attitude of employers who see gaps or breaks on a CV?

Amol: As an employer, it is important to refrain from making assumptions about candidates with resume gaps, because doing so can prevent us from identifying suitable talent for our business needs.

We are open-minded and consistent in the way we evaluate our candidates, regardless of their work history and gaps in their employment.

We ensure we assess all candidates equally, regardless of the gap or current employment status.

As an employer, the majority of our hiring decisions are based on the demonstrated attitude and aptitude of the applicant.

We do competency-based talent acquisition and focus on overall knowledge skills and attitude and It is also critical for us to determine inclination towards adapting newer skills.

In addition, we base our evaluation on the relevant experience and former employer / professional references.

It is also important to be clear of questions while probing into personal reasons for employment gaps, 

Eg. Questions on Age, Disability, Religion, Gender, Status and Personal characteristics etc.may be illegal, unethical and damaging to our reputation.

Instead, we focus on identifying the value that the candidate would bring to our organization.

Are attitudes in HR changing towards this subject matter, and if so why? 

Amol: Hiring managers and recruiters are often ignorant towards candidates with career breaks.

However, HR is now trying to fill the gap between a deserving candidate and a good job opportunity.

Organizations are transitioning from traditional, rigid systems to new innovative structures. 

They are more open minded, flexible and adaptive to a variety of employment arrangements to achieve business goals.

What should HR consider if they do see gaps on the CV?

Amol: The reasons for the career gap can be varied and situation specific. HR usually loses out on competent candidates because of their hypercritical decisions. 

The HR needs to be sensitive to this fact and empathize with the candidate’s dilemma. 

They should hire objectively and determine the reason for the gap so that they can seamlessly integrate the candidate into the organization. 

HR needs to break their unalterable picture of a perfect candidate. 

They should give equal opportunities to candidates with career gaps and let true talent preva

What can we do if we have gaps or breaks on the CV? 

Amol: The most important thing if you do have gaps or breaks on your CV is to show, that even during unemployment, you were doing some kind of activity- something that might be attractive to the potential employer. For example, activities which might have involved learning new skills, language, or volunteers work. Try making all experiences or education as relevant or applicable to the job application. Membership of professional organisations or anything to do with attendance to industry type events also help.  

If you are applying for something where you lack the skills, go with what you’ve got, and always tell the employers at the interview you are willing to be trained and willing to learn. This helps the employer understand that you are willing to put the time and effort into the job, and willing to grow with the role and company. 

Amol Makol

Arjun Global Ltd

Recruitment Specialist

Suite 119(3), 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH


Minding CV Gaps
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