The Benefits of Cycling To Work!

Do you cycle to work? Or perhaps you are thinking of taking up cycling to work? 


‘Since the early 1920s, many people have enjoyed or tried riding to work solely because cycling is not only a fantastic mode of transportation, but it also allows us to avoid public transportation. There is something to be said about riding while enjoying a morning breeze.

Cycling for 30 minutes not only helps reduce serious illnesses like obesity rates, risk of diabetes, heart disease, but also eliminates the need for a cardio workout at the gym- which in turn means more time for other tasks. 

Ever since the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, working from home has been a preferred mode of attending to official work. Slowly and gradually the economy has opened up and several organisations have also allowed people to attend office. Cycling, irrespective of any situation, has been a healthier way of commuting while limiting exposure to traffic and people. (Not to mention also being beneficial to climate change and the environment.)

In the current climate, where people have been restricted to their homes, cycling may provide some respite to many who prefer to go out for chores or tasks. It will provide an opportunity to not only engage in some physical activity, but will also make the mind feel lighter. The relevance of cycling will only increase since no gyms are open for the public and people who are confined to one place will find respite while cycling.

The health benefits of cycling are well known and the current climate will not impact cycling activities. Current times have posed many difficult questions including how to travel to work. The answer lies in cycling to work since it has many health benefits in addition to helping maintain social distance with fellow commuters during peak hours. Due to lesser exposure to the public, cycling to work provides a lesser risk to the deadly COVID-19; and along-with that it will help the employees to lose weight without hitting the gym. In the long run, it will eventually help in improvising mental health by providing a good quality sleep. Cycling to work will not only save us some money on fuel but will also be a gift from us to the environment by consuming less or no fossil fuels for the future.

Disadvantages of cycling which come to our minds are not much except for obvious road accidents, more time consumption, longer distances, making one tired before resuming to work. To minimize the risks of the disadvantages, those who cycle to work, should ensure they know safety regulations on the road as a biker, and wear all the appropriate safety gear such as a helmet. As for when one finally gets to work and they might feel a bit tired, perhaps drinking some natural juice boosters could help give a quick regeneration from the bike ride to work! 

It does not require much brainstorming to agree to promote cycling to work. This day can be made more appealing to employees by providing them with a secure and safe bicycle parking with a high-quality locker facility. As employers, we can think of providing bike repair services along with providing them with expenses for riding equipment that will eventually help the employees in saving some extra taxes. Undoubtedly, Cycle to Work Day should be a way of living!

The Benefits of Cycling To Work!
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