Author: Michelle

India’s GIFT: Financial Markets & Technology Forum

GIFT City is an unprecedented ecosystem and world-class business district built to cater to global and domestic business enterprises. Not only a flagbearer for smart cities in India, GIFT City sets an international benchmark for finance and technology hubs worldwide. Last year, Arjun Global hosted the hugely popular Financial Markets Networking Breakfast at GIFT City. […]

Hanuman At World Economic Forum

Hanuman Dass (Hemal Randerwala), CEO of Arjun Global, attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland last week. The annual gathering of world leaders provides an invaluable platform for global innovation, sustainability, and economic development. India’s significant presence was notable at this year’s event in Davos. Hanuman commented, “Few nations worldwide are indifferent to India’s […]

New expanded bespoke consultancy services

Since being founded in 2013, Arjun Global has enjoyed continued success providing consultancy and talent services to a broad range of organisations across the worldwide professional services industries. This has included large-scale talent acquisition projects for the UK government’s Department for Work & Pensions, the Bombay Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ in the US (National Association […]

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