Hanuman At World Economic Forum

Hanuman Dass (Hemal Randerwala), CEO of Arjun Global, attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland last week. The annual gathering of world leaders provides an invaluable platform for global innovation, sustainability, and economic development.

India’s significant presence was notable at this year’s event in Davos. Hanuman commented, “Few nations worldwide are indifferent to India’s ascent to prominence. The nation’s unparalleled energy and development pace stand out among major economies, firmly establishing its undeniable growth trajectory.”

Today, India proudly claims the third-largest stock market globally, and astonishingly accounts for over 50% of the world’s digital transactions. It’s an exciting time for the nation, and Arjun Global is continuously driven to build bridges for companies connecting India and the world.

Hanuman said, “What excites me the most is to see how we can share India’s deep-rooted traditions emphasising dharma, (universal responsibility) reverence for the planet, Ahimsa (non-violence), and prema (unconditional love). My hope is to see these profound ideas permeate universally. The concept of Dharma, is a universal guide for humanity to coexist as one family, this is undeniably India’s greatest export and one that is crucial for our collective well-being.”

Hanuman actively participated in discussions around climate change, social impact, and ethical enterprise, further underscoring the mission of both Arjun Global and the humanitarian non-profit organisation, Go Dharmic, to spearhead positive and meaningful change throughout the world.

One of this year’s big topics at the WEF was the outbreaks of global violence. With many conflicting perspectives, the challenge faced by world leaders to find solutions for peace continues to increase in urgency.

Hanuman expressed his enthusiasm for the discussions that took place on this matter. He stated, “The world is calling for change and it was a privilege to be part of the conversion. There’s great innovation taking place and many organisations are working to contribute to the betterment of the global community. I’m optimistic that many of the ideas exchanged at the WEF will help to shape a future of interconnectedness and world peace.”

Arjun Global’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is at the forefront of the company’s mission for 2024. The insights gained and connections forged by Hanuman at the WEF will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the company’s future endeavours.

Hanuman At World Economic Forum
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